Kelowna Luxury Homes For Sale

The luxury real estate market has shifted in the last couple of years, seeing an unprecedented growth. This growth can be attributed to foreign investors who have started to see Vancouver as a haven for peace and development. Nowadays, 30% of the urban luxury real estate bought in Canada belong to foreign investors from China, Russia, and U.S. While in cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, the foreign investors represent a significant financial force in the luxury housing market, in other areas Canadian people are still driving the market. Finding Kelowna luxury real estate that meets your dreams can be difficult if you’re doing it yourself. You need help to find the best Kelowna luxury homes for sale.

Kelowna Luxury HomeAt some point in life, everybody dreams of living in a luxury house that looks as if it has just fallen from a fairy-tale. But the house itself is not enough. The surrounding are also very important, and the city where the house is located can have a tremendous impact on the quality of life of its inhabitants. If you are thinking of indulging and making that dream come true, there’s no better place to buy luxury real estate than in the magnificent city of Kelowna. With its spectacular surroundings and exciting opportunities for fun, culture, adventure, discovery and professional life, Kelowna is one of Canada’s most valuable pearls.

But in order to get the most out of your purchase you need to avoid certain traps you may fall in, especially if you’re not an experienced buyer. While having an outdoor shower and a Zen park is exciting, there are other things more important in a luxury home, things that usually get overlooked when compared to various gadgets and gizmos.

Pay close attention to:

  • The view and the light
  • The position of the house, the light it allows in and the view it offers are more important than anything. Do some research to find out about the zoning allowances and the surrounding air rights. You don’t want to end up buying a luxury home with a fantastic view only to have that view altered by skyscraper a couple of months later.

  • The Ceiling’s Height
  • In luxury houses, the higher the ceiling is, the more valuable the house becomes. Forget about square footage and think about cubic footage. Of course, square footage is also important but almost no luxury home has low ceilings. In addition to offering you an incredible sense of freedom and space, a high ceiling will increase your house’s market value in time.

  • The Architectural Features
  • This may sound a little weird, considering that you already like the house, but think about the future. You are paying a fortune for your luxury home, so you need to consider its future market value. Find out about its architect and what other projects he or she has had over the years. Look for artistic features as well as high-quality materials and think about how your house will be perceived in a few decades.

These are just a couple of details you need to know before purchasing high-end real estate. But the list is much longer and, on top of that list is your real estate agent. He or she is the most important choice when deciding to buy luxury real estate. Fortunately for you, if you are looking for a house in Kelowna, your choice of a fabulous agent becomes easier. Danielle Grundy knows everything about the market and how to get the best deal for you. With Ivy League education in Psychology and an MBA, Danielle is a real estate scientist that will deliver to you the luxury home you’ve always dreamed of.

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